Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Crafts: Zachariah's Rockin' Party

If you are ever in need of custom guitar picks, I recommend this company to order from. The order shipped fast and there were 72 picks in the bag when I only ordered 60 for $32.99.

Template of the picks
Actual picks were a hit.

A few of the guitar picks were used in a jar to "Guess how many picks in the jar" as a game. I also hot glued extra strength magnets to the back of a few of them so we could play "Pin the pick on the guitar". The others were put in thank you cards for guests to keep.

Outline, freehand.

All acrylic paint, handpainted.

Pin the pick on the guitar was as blast, although the $9 magnetic spray paint was not worth it. We just used our fingers to hold the picks in place as we played. 

Crafts: Zachariah's Smash Cake Decor

The smash cake session for my nephew was beyond adorable. Here's what we did.

We used a silver plastic table cloth from Oriental Trading and hung it from a wall using masking tape, draping the cloth onto the floor to protect it from cake debris, and taping it to the floor as well. This was an awesome setup because after the smashing, all we had to do was remove the props and roll all the mess up and straight into the trash. Easy clean-up!

I found wood cut letters at walmart and used black spray paint around the edges and blue acrylic paint on the face to spell out his name and hung them from under the windowsill.

The piñata is hand cut from a cardboard box, covered with fringed tissue paper and 2 glue sticks worth of glue. The key to a sturdy piñata is to work with the shape of the box. I never cut the corner on the base where it attached to the front. Or the two side pieces on the bottom of the 1. After marking the piñata in 1 in bands all the way around, I alternated 2 strips of dark blue with 1 strip of light blue tissue paper and filled in any sparse areas. Since this was just a decorative piece and not an actually candy holding, hitting piñata, I didn't have to keep a fill hole. I did still add a loop of string in case we were to hang it somewhere.

Toss in 3 balloons of coordinating colors.

Crafts: Baby Shower Cupcakes and Cookies

 Custom made signs and cupcake picks. I made green and blue circles in Paint and added the text inside each circle. Printed off two copies of each circle onto 5x7" unlined index cards. Cut around each circle. Then glue them together so the front and back texts matched using non-toxic glue. The picks read: Little Boys? Snips and Snails & Puppy Dog Tails That's What They Are Made Of. I used ribbon from walmart to decorate the edge of the cupcake stand.

The Signs are in the same blue and green and were used on the food table. The clothesline sign was hung on the door to greet guests.

The same ribbon was used to tie shut the wrappers on the cookie pops.