Monday, September 16, 2013

Bridal Shower Birdcage

Inspiration for this cake came from Pinterest. It is a birdcage bridal shower cake.

The cake was made with my wonder mold pan which has the dimensions of 8" diameter and 5" tall. To add some height and create more of the birdcage shape, I used an 8x3" round. The cakes were vanilla and I  torted both cakes and added a raspberry filling and covered them in sweet buttercream. The wonder mold was set on a cakeboard and I used dowels in the round to support the top cake.

I made the flowers a few days ahead of time, just large and small swirl flowers, to give them time to harden.

I hand cut the birds from fondant and handpainted the details on with food coloring. Then I made the birdcage handle from fondant and allowed them to harden for a few days also.

I tied a small string of baker's twine to a toothpick, centered it and stuck it in the top of the cake and ran it down the sides, lightly pressing it into the buttercream to divide out the lines for the birdcage.

The finished cake I set on my porcelain cake stand.