Saturday, May 3, 2014

Finding Nemo: Sculpting Fondant Characters

Nemo: You can find Nemo tutorials here, here, here and the one we used here.

 Peach the starfish: I used this color swatch as a guide and this tutorial for starfish to make the texture.

Pearl the octopus:

 Mr. Ray the stingray:

 Other fondant decor:

Name in "Nemo" font. Hand cut little fishes in the holes.


  1. Really great characters. I work in polymer clay. It looks like you used a mold for the seaweed.?...
    Wonderful work.

    1. Thanks Helen! Working with fondant is very similar to play-doh or clay. The creations are endless. I did use a mold for the seaweed, it's made by Wilton. Happy crafting!