Saturday, May 3, 2014

Puppy Birthday

What a very fun 3D cake to work on! This puppy was so cute I almost didn't want to see it go.

I used 2 8x3" rounds and 3 cupcakes following this guide I found online. I did one round and one cupcake vanilla, and one round and 2 cupcakes chocolate. I cut the vanilla round in half and stood the halves upright against each other for the body. From the chocolate round, I followed a template I drew to make the head, snout, ears, hind legs. I cut both of the chocolate cupcakes in half for paws and cut the vanilla cupcake in half to go on the end of the snout.

Puppy shaped, piped 233 tip fur in ivory and brown, orange collar, orange bow on head, black fondant eyes and nose. Black toes and mouth piped on.

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